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KalOnline on the Olymp

Server Hades Reloaded

Server will be online whole time under works big changes.

We know where is problem and you will be surprised with changes,i hope you guys understand!

After all changes from exp to areas there will be a reset

Stay tuned on Facebook page

The Gods will bless you!

Enjoy a completely new version of Greek Mythology in KalOnline. The server is selfmade, completely custom, including many addons.

Server Hades will be an extreme fun and pvp version to test the server out very quickly!

The Story:

You start as a HalfGod, empowered by the Gods on the Olymp. The Main Quest is to kill Hades in the Underworld, who is planning a revolution! He is training his army to attack the Olymp. His brothers, Zeus and Poseidon need YOUR help! Hermes, Protector of the Travellers will lead you to the Styx, the boundary between the earth and the underworld on lvl 160. Between lvl 1 (startlvl) and lvl 160 you help the Human on the Earth to protect against Hyperion who is attacking the cities of KalOnline and train yourself to be prepared for the battle against God Hades.

The Addon will come soon enough: Rise of Kronos - The Godfather.

Sinverly Yours,

Special Server Features !!


• Partybuff
• Rebirthsecurity
• Realtime Skillbooks
• Real “Third Job” Skills
• Pvp Tournaments


• Crystal Collecters
• Unique Boss Hunting
• Happy Hours
• Eventtimer


• Bof/BoI/Imp/Damned/Blessed/Bermuda/Lotus/Pimping/Skillbooks
• Blacksmith of Gods
• Armor Upgrade


• New Engine
• Lottery in Secret Fort
• DDoS Protection (Server/Homepage)
• Most Unique Server you have seen!